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A small publishing company with a big mission.

Lanternarius Press is a small publishing company, started in 2015, working to explain Catholic Christian morals and values to a new generation. We are doing this through a series of books, both paperback, e-book and, eventually, audio. Future goals include plays on cd and video.


Our first book introduces a new series of advice books. It is titled "A Catholic Mother Speaks to Her Children". Originally published over 100 years ago, this book was written for preteen children. It includes advice on vanity, curiosity and obedience as well as a discussion of the Catholic Church's traditions and liturgy. Find out more about this and our other books.


You can buy these and all future books at View all our titles and find purchase links to on our books page.


Here find interesting stories about popes and saints on our blog. Two to three times a month new blogs are added as we go chronologically through all the popes starting with ST. Peter. Find stories about saints who became evangelizers, how they accomplished this great feat in their own limited lives. And find some opinions on today's Catholicism by the publishers of this website.


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A Catholic Mother Speaks to Her Children

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Conferences for Boys

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The Ragman Murders

The Latest from our blog

Dec 3, 0018

Pope John IV was a native of Zadar, Dalmatia. This city is on the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea from Venice, but further south, giving the city a mild climate. With a beautiful coastline and ha...

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Nov 3, 0018

Pope Severinus spent more time waiting to be confirmed the newly elected pope by the Byzantine emperor than he did being pope. Severinus, a Roman, was possibly descended from members of the Roman ...

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Nov 11, 0018

NOVEMBER 11 is the traditional memorial of ST. MARTIN OF TOURS (+397). It is interesting to note that Veteran’s Day has a veteran as its saint of the day. St. Martin was born to a cavalry offic...

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Oct 30, 0018


by Debra Ann Booton

Poor Pope Honorius has been condemned, anathematized, pointed out as fallible and partly excused. He has remained on the list of valid popes, somehow. Who is this man and how did he get into this ...

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