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About Lanternarius Press

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Lanternarius Press is more than just a publishing company. We're a publishing company with a mission - to bring Catholic Christian morals and values to a new generation...

Lanternarius Press is a small publishing company working to expalin Catholic Christian morals and values to a new generation. We are doing this through a series of books, both paperback, e-book and, eventually, audio. Future goals include plays on cd and video.

Our first three books are the start of two series:

"A Catholic Mother Speaks to Her Children" is a book originally writted 140 years ago for preteen children. The author, Marie, Countess de Flavigny, writes advice, at the child's level, on vanity, obedience, curiosity and th traditions and liturgy of the Catholic church. Arranged in 58 short, 2-3 pages, chapters, the book is designed to be read one chapter a week, following the liturgical year, starting with New Year's Day.

Our second book in the Catholic advice series is written for teenage boys. "Conferences for Boys" was written by Fr. Reynold Kuehnel, a parish priest, in 1914. He talks directly to the boys, explaining going to Mass and Confession, lying and scandalous behavior. He ends the book with several chapters of male saints for the boys to emulate.

There are three more books in this series, which will come out some time in the future.

A second imprint has been developed, Serra Books, featuring our fiction and historical series. The first book of this imprint is "The Ragman Murders", a novel based on a true murder which took place in Hartford, Ct. in 1912. The author, Elizabeth A. Martina, is a new author who is big into research.

All three of these books are available currently at, in both paperback or Kindle.