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St. Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

SEPTEMBER 13 is the traditional memorial of ST. EULOGIUS, PATRIARCH OF ALEXANDRIA (+c. 607). Eulogius was born in Antioch, Syria and became a priest and monk. Well-educated, Eulogius studied the literature and science of the day. He was a Biblical scholar and studied well the writings of the ancient fathers. He became the abbot of Mother of God Monastery in Antioch.

In 580, he was appointed the Patriarch of Alexandria, in Egypt. Two years later, on a business trip to Constantinople, he met St Gregory the Great. These two men became fast friends. As some have said, they had one heart and one soul. Pope Gregory would write about how Bishop Augustine of Canterbury was doing as he evangelized England and Eulogius would send copies of his religious tracts to the pope to read before release.

Eulogius wrote at least eleven discourses in defense of Pope Leo I and the Council of Chalcedon. He wrote works vindicating the hypostatic union of the two natures in Christ, winning arguments against the Monophysites.

Our saint was the Patriarch for 27-28 years, during which time he managed to restore the youth and vitality of Alexandria for a while. He quietly died in Alexandria

Pope Gregory the Great wrote to St. Eulogius, showing his humility: “I do not wish to be exalted in words but in virtue. Away with these words which puff up pride and offend charity.”


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