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One can say that evangelizers teach. They teach, in the context we are using, God, religion, the Holy Scriptures. It can also be said that teachers evangelize. They teach thinking processes, the bigger picture, how to coordinate one set of facts with another. Today’s evangelizer was a priest who evangelized people by teaching people. Jean Bap...

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Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, Evangelizer

Maria Francesca Cabrini stands next to Mother Teresa as the foremost evangelizing woman of the twentieth century. Yet few know much more about her than that she was the first American citizen canonized. Maria Francesca was the youngest of thirteen children born to wealthy cherry tree farmers, Agostino Cabrini and Stella Oldini. She was born ...

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For all the Irish, Irish-Americans, and those who are just proud of their religion, this story of a great evangelist is for you! We all know that Patrick came to Ireland and kicked out the snakes, but do you know the rest of the story, the part that is most important? Saint Patrick was born in a place which he identified as Bannavern Tabernea...

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Saint Ignatius of Antioch

One could say that anyone who has anything interesting to say may be evangelizing for their interests. In the current case, we are going to look at the numerous people who have evangelized for the Roman Catholic Church. Many of these people, by way of their successes, have been proclaimed saints, blesseds and venerables of the Church. Evangel...

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Isagara Project

If you do not believe in miracles, perhaps this story will convince you. In October of 2016, I met a Catholic seminarian from Uganda. I was at a Catholic seminar in the mountains of New Hampshire where the internet service was awful. The second day there, I received a Facebook friend request from someone I did not know, had no mutual fri...

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