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It was 7:30 am. We were on the coast of Prince Edward Island with a trailer and a one hundred pound dog. And he wanted to go for a walk. I grabbed my rosary and shoved it in my pocket then grabbed his lead and took him out. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Until I looked at the river. It wasn't there! Well, it was, but I could not see ...

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I guess that our pastor must be reading the catholic365 website! His sermon this weekend could have been taken from these essays! I live in a resort area. We have three seasons: summer, snowmobile and mud seasons. Right now we are in summer and the place is packed with campers, hikers and water park enthusiasts. There are two churches in the tow...

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Genuflecting to the True Presence

Why do we genuflect on entering a Catholic church? Because the Lord is present in the tabernacle. And we know that because the Lord is present in the Eucharist and the extra consecrated hosts are in a ciborium, locked in the tabernacle. But how do we know that? Blessed Jacinta of Fatima, who was denied Holy Communion in this life, used to cal...

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Today we buried my stepdad. He did not die a few days ago. Actually, he died two days before Thanksgiving, six months ago. But, in the cold north where we live, the Catholic cemetery will not dig graves between November 15 and April 15. The reason is, there could be snow squalls during that time, or else the ground could be just too frozen to di...

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This is the month of May, the month of Mary. It is a time when we could reflect on how much we are emulating our Holy Mother. Since children take after their parents, we should take after our Mother in her virtues of patience, modesty and faith. Modesty is not only a set of rules on what not to wear. It is also a virtuous method of presenti...

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