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A Catholic Mother Speaks to Her Children

by Marie-Catherine Sophie de Flavigny
Paperback - February 17, 2011
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Talk to your children about life and Heaven!

Designed for children aged 8-13, this traditionally Catholic book is arranged in short, weekly segments. Each of the 58 chapters is dedicated to one subject. Written in a conversational tone, it easily keeps a young child's attention. And the older child will appreciate the explanations and issues without feeling they are being spoken down to.

This book follows the liturgical year, discussing the Holy Days as they come up. But more than that, this book talks to the child's heart. One chapter discusses why he should behave; another, why he should pray. It also talks about virtues a child should practice.

A Catholic Mother says what you wish to tell your children.

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The Ragman Murders

by Elizabeth A Martina
Paperback - February 15, 2015
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By 1910, Italian immigrants were pouring into New England by the thousands every year. This included the Amato and Tassone families. They brought with them their own culture and their own form of justice from the Old World.

Tenuous finances, unscrupulous con-men and a desperate need to achieve the American Dream all worked together to put Giuseppe Amato into a desperate position!

Based on a true story from 1912 Hartford, Ct., this story traces the two families trying to come to grips with the new and old ways. Until one night when it just didn’t work anymore.

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Conferences for Boys

by Fr Reynold Kuehnel, Debra Ann Booton (Editor)
Paperback - June 4, 2016
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Bringing up teenage boys to become Christian men has always been a formidable task.

Fr. Reynold Kuehnel wrote and presented a series of talks for such young men one hundred years ago. He discussed religion and life to a generation known to be rough, explaining the role of religion in their lives, the choice of careers, and the habits of youth. The discussion is as spot on today as it was then. And the boys' objections will be the same today as they were at that time. Fr. Kuehnel has many of the answers.

Get together with your young men to read and discuss Fr. Kuehnel's arguments for Catholic behavior. Give them a distinctive understanding of the "whys" of a good life.